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House Concerts

Would you like to host a house concert with Mia Borders? Let's do it!



Q: What exactly is a house concert?

     A: A house concert is a get-together of friends in your living room with music, often food and drinks, and conversation. House concerts are cozy, intimate, and a great way for Mia to get to know her fans.

     House concerts can be:

  • - A cozy alternative to a weekend night out
  • - A way to celebrate any occasion with your close friends and family
  • - A concert under the stars in your backyard
  • - An excuse to get all of your friends together in the middle of the week
  • - An opportunity to enjoy original music in a comfortable setting


Q: How many people can attend?

     A: That's really up to you. Mia has performed at house concerts for 10 people and others for more than 60 people. Either way, the experience remains intimate and personal.


Q: How much does it cost?

     A: Guests usually contribute $15-20 each; however, no one should be turned away if they can't contribute. "Pass-the-hats" are also common to help curb touring costs.


Q: How do I book one?

     A: Email us at!